Additional Services

Garofalo Goerlich Hainbach PC (GGH) provides several specialized services to help clients more fully understand and stay abreast of developments in the aviation regulatory environment in which they operate.

The firm’s lawyers have conducted numerous seminars regarding U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements applicable to charter air transportation.  The seminars can be customized to the needs of airlines (direct air carriers) or Public Charter operators (indirect air carriers), or can be combined to cover both areas.  DOT guidance and policies not found in the regulations are analyzed in addition to the regulatory requirements themselves.

GGH lawyers have conducted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and DOT regulatory briefings to assist individual aircraft owners/operators, corporate flight departments, and Part 135 air carriers in structuring their aircraft ownership and operations to comply with FAA and DOT regulatory requirements.  The firm has found FAA and DOT rules and policies governing operational control to be widely misunderstood.  Aircraft owners and operators frequently need specialized advice to come into compliance and avoid the legal and regulatory risks associated with noncompliance.

GGH also provides a monitoring service for several of its clients.  The service monitors public filings and regulatory dockets and keeps clients advised of pertinent DOT and FAA developments and actions.

Please contact the firm’s lawyers for more information regarding these services, including content, scheduling, and cost.

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